How to Recipe Tasty Venison Stroganoff

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Venison Stroganoff
Venison Stroganoff

Great Early morning all, currently you can make recipe Venison Stroganoff with 10 components and also 5 steps. Listed below this is exactly how to prepare, please meticulously very carefully.

In food preparation there are some stages that need to be done, beginning to prepare active ingredients, food preparation tools, and likewise recognize exactly how to start from|begin with} beginning to cooking {is prepared to be served and appreciated. Make Make certain you has enough time and also no is believing concerning something else, because will certainly create the food to shed, taste not ideal wanted, as well as several others. Right away, listed below are 10 active ingredients and also 5 phases of simple cooking Venison Stroganoff.

Ingredients for Venison Stroganoff

  1. Prepare : venison tenderloin cubed. Or meat of your choice.

  2. Prepare : sour cream.

  3. Needed : butter.

  4. Needed : olive oil.

  5. Prepare : mushrooms sliced.

  6. Prepare : lg onion.

  7. Prepare : dijon mustard.

  8. Needed : S/P.

  9. Prepare : beef broth.

  10. Needed : Chives if wanted.

If all active ingredients Venison Stroganoff its prepares, We are going into the cooking phase. Below is exactly how to preparing with simple.

Stages Cooking Venison Stroganoff

  1. Brown meat in skillet with tbsp of butter and 2 tbsp olive oil, while that's browing start the water for egg noodles,when water comes to a boil add noodles.

  2. Sautee onions and mushrooms with remaining 2 tbsp butter until mushrooms are golden in color. Take off heat and set aside.

  3. If you want, drain excess liquid from meat(I personally do)and mix in all other ingredients, including the onions and mushrooms to the meat and stir.

  4. Make a flour slurry to thicken, 4 tbsp of flour with 4-6 oz of warm water. Whisk until blended, then add to meat and other ingredients and stir..

  5. Bring meat and other ingredients to a slow boil medium high heat for about 15 mins, add noodles mix together and serve. Enjoy.

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