How to Cook Perfect Slow Cooker Clam Chowder

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Slow Cooker Clam Chowder
Slow Cooker Clam Chowder

Great Morning all, currently you can make dish Slow Cooker Clam Chowder with 12 ingredients and 7 actions. Below this is just how to cook, please meticulously meticulously.

In cooking there are some phases that need to be done, beginning to prepare components, cooking tools, as well as also recognize exactly how to begin from|begin with} beginning to food preparation {is prepares to be offered as well as delighted in. Make certain you has sufficient time as well as no is thinking about something else, because will trigger the food to melt, taste not ideal preferred, and lots of others. Quickly, below are 12 active ingredients and 7 stages of very easy cooking Slow Cooker Clam Chowder.

Ingredients all Slow Cooker Clam Chowder

  1. Prepare 1/2 lb : bacon.

  2. Needed 3 (6.5 oz) : can clams undrained.

  3. Needed 1 : yellow onion chopped.

  4. Needed 4 : potatoes peeled and diced.

  5. Prepare 2 stalks : celery diced.

  6. Needed 2 cloves : minced garlic.

  7. Needed 2 cups : water.

  8. Needed 1 tsp : salt.

  9. Prepare 1/4 tsp : black pepper.

  10. Prepare 1/2 tsp : dried thyme.

  11. Prepare 2 cups : half and half.

  12. Prepare 2 tsp : cornstarch.

If all active ingredients Slow Cooker Clam Chowder its all set, We are going right into the cooking phase. Below is just how to preparing with easy.

Stages Cooking Slow Cooker Clam Chowder

  1. Cook bacon in skillet until crisp, set aside half for topping..

  2. Add half of the bacon, clams, onion, potatoes, celery, garlic, water, salt, black pepper and thyme in slow cooker and stir..

  3. Cook on low for 7 hours..

  4. Whisk cornstarch and half and half together in small bowl..

  5. Add mixture to slow cooker and stir..

  6. Cook on high for 30 minutes..

  7. Serve with remaining bacon..

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