Easiest Way to Prepare Yummy White Chocolate Mint Chip Mousse

Without fail making ultimate White Chocolate Mint Chip Mousse easy, yummy, practical. And with these Mint Chocolate Chip Mousse Brownies, I have created my favorite ….because the brownie isn't actually the important part of these Mint Chocolate Chip Mousse Brownies. Chocolate Mint Mousse made with just a few ingredients is a flavorful and creamy take on the classic, more labor intensive mousse. The combination of these two together is such a classic, that I never get tired of. I order Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream whenever I see it on the menu. This mint chip brownie pie is an update to my original Brownie Chocolate Mousse Pie.

White Chocolate Mint Chip Mousse
White Chocolate Mint Chip Mousse

The layer of mousse is absolutely delightful.

It's a combination of cream cheese, white chocolate, whipped The white chocolate helps add a little bit of richness to the mousse, and helps balance out the tanginess.

Put the pieces of white chocolate in a bowl, and sit bowl over a pan over simmering water until it melts, stirring gently with a spatula every now and then.

Excellent Early morning all, now you can make dish White Chocolate Mint Chip Mousse with 11 components as well as 7 actions. Listed below this is just how to cook, please meticulously meticulously.

In food preparation there are some stages that must be done, beginning to prepare ingredients, food preparation devices, and likewise comprehend just how to start from|begin with} starting to cooking {is all set to be offered and also taken pleasure in. Make See to it you has adequate time and also no is assuming concerning something else, because will certainly trigger the food to melt, taste not appropriate preferred, and also lots of others. Right away, listed below are 11 ingredients as well as 7 stages of very easy food preparation White Chocolate Mint Chip Mousse.

Ingredients for White Chocolate Mint Chip Mousse

  1. Needed 1 : FOR MOUSSE.

  2. Needed 12 oz : premium white chocolate, I used Lindt White chocolate bars, finely chopped.

  3. Needed 1 1/2 cup : heavy whipping cream.

  4. Needed 1/4 tsp : pure peppermint extract.

  5. Prepare 1/2 cup : mini semi sweet chocolate chips.


  7. Needed 1/2 cup : cocoa powder, I used Hershey's special dark.

  8. Needed 1/4 cup : milk, any type you have.

  9. Needed 1 : FOR GARNISH.

  10. Prepare 6 small : chocolate mint candies, I used Andes Mints.

  11. Needed 6 : White Chocolate Truffles, used Lindor brand.

Decorate top with a mint leaf before serving.

Recipe from Nigella Express by Nigella Lawson (published by Chatto & Windus) Visit Nigella's site.

Mint-White Chocolate Mousse Cake and a Book Trailer!

Before I get to the details of this cool minty mousse cake, I'd like to introduce you to someone.

If all ingredients White Chocolate Mint Chip Mousse its ready, We are going entering into the cooking phase. Below is how to preparing with easy.

Process Cooking White Chocolate Mint Chip Mousse


  2. Place cocoa powder on a small plate. Place milk on another plate. Dip top of your glass first in milk to moisten rim then dip in cocoa and turn gently to frost rim with cocoa. Place in refigerator while preparing mousse..


  4. Place chopped white chocolate in heat proof bowl..

  5. Take 3/4 cup of the heavy cream and heat it just until hot, not boiling, either on stove top or in microwave. Pour hot cream over chopped white chocolate and whisk until smooth. Add peppermint extract and whisk in. Cool completely to room temperature, about 1 hour..

  6. When chocolate mixture has cooled whip remaining cream in a large chilled bowl until it has firm peaks. Fold white chocolate mixture in gently in to combine, fold in chocolate chips as well..

  7. Spoon into prepared chocolate rimmed glasses. Top each glass with a mint chocolate candy and a white truffle. Refrigerate at least 4 hours before serving..

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My ultimate fudgy brownies with white chocolate mint mousse are the definition of decadence.

Fresh mint elevates the mint chocolate combo to a new level!

The topping for these brownies is a white chocolate mousse made with fresh mint infused whipped cream.

Easy white chocolate mousse made with cream cheese for an amazingly delicious treat that's perfect for It doesn't get much easier than this white chocolate mousse.

Like that formula easy make with established recipes White Chocolate Mint Chip Mousse, you likewise do search for more dishes food various other intriguing on website us, readily available thousands of numerous recipes globe food as well as we will certainly continue to include as well as develop. Starting from cuisine healthy and balanced simple, delicious, and nourishing to food fatty, hard, spicy, wonderful, salty acid is on our page. Thanks for reading the supreme recipe White Chocolate Mint Chip Mousse.