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<em>Hershey Kiss Cupcakes</em>
<em>Hershey Kiss Cupcakes</em>

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Ingredients all Hershey Kiss Cupcakes

  1. Prepare : cake.

  2. Needed 1 box : supermoist butter recipe chocolate cake mix.

  3. Prepare 3 : eggs.

  4. Needed 1/2 stick : melted butter.

  5. Needed 2 tbsp : hersheys chocolate syrup.

  6. Needed 2 tbsp : chocolate nesquik.

  7. Needed 1 cup : milk.

  8. Needed : whipping.

  9. Prepare 1 quart : heavy whipping cream.

  10. Needed 2 box : hersheys instant white pudding mix.

  11. Prepare 3 tbsp : hersheys syrup.

  12. Prepare 1/4 cup : chocolate nesquik.

  13. Prepare 1 tsp : vanilla extract.

  14. Prepare 1/2 cup : sugar.

  15. Needed 24 : hershey kisses.

  16. Needed 12 : pepperidge farm hazel nut wafer cookies.

  17. Needed 1 : sprinkles.

  18. Prepare 1 tbsp : cocoa powder.

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