Easiest Way to Make Tasty SuButa Sweet and Sour Pork

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Su-Buta (Sweet and Sour Pork)
Su-Buta (Sweet and Sour Pork)

Excellent Greetings all, currently you can make dish Su-Buta (Sweet and Sour Pork) with 23 active ingredients as well as 10 steps. Below this is just how to cook, please meticulously meticulously.

In cooking there are some phases that should be done, starting to prepare components, food preparation tools, and likewise understand how to begin from|begin with} starting to cooking {is prepares to be offered and appreciated. Make See to it you has adequate time as well as no is assuming considering something else, because will certainly cause the food to melt, taste not appropriate wanted, and also many others. Promptly, below are 23 ingredients and 10 phases of easy food preparation Su-Buta (Sweet and Sour Pork).

Ingredients for Su-Buta (Sweet and Sour Pork)

  1. Prepare 420 g (14.8 oz) : pork loin.

  2. Needed 1 : onion (medium size).

  3. Needed 4-5 : green japanese bell peppers (or 2 green bell peppers).

  4. Needed 1 : red bell pepper.

  5. Needed : oil for frying : adjust to suit your needs.

  6. Prepare : about 8-10 Tbsp potato starch (for marinated pork).

  7. Prepare 1 Tbsp : potato starch and 1 Tbsp water (for sweet and sour sauce).

  8. Prepare 1/2 Tbsp : sesame oil.

  9. Needed : ■Marinade for pork.

  10. Needed 1 Tbsp : cooking sake.

  11. Needed 1 Tbsp : soy sauce.

  12. Needed 1 tsp : cane sugar.

  13. Needed 1 tsp : sesame oil.

  14. Prepare 1 : thumb-size piece of ginger (1 Tbsp grated ginger).

  15. Needed : ■Sweet and sour sauce.

  16. Needed 170 ml (5.8 fl oz) : water.

  17. Needed 50 ml (1.7 fl oz) : cooking sake.

  18. Needed 65 ml (2.2 fl oz) : apple cider vinegar.

  19. Prepare 65 ml (2.2 fl oz) : black rice vinegar.

  20. Needed 60 g : (2.1 oz, 5 Tbsp) cane sugar.

  21. Needed 1.5 Tbsp : soy sauce.

  22. Prepare 75 g : (2.6 oz, 5 Tbsp) ketchup.

  23. Needed : ※You can use cornstarch instead of potato starch.

If all ingredients Su-Buta (Sweet and Sour Pork) its all set, We are going entering into the cooking stage. Below is exactly how to preparing with simple.

Step by Step Cooking Su-Buta (Sweet and Sour Pork)

  1. ★Recipe video★ (my You Tube channel)→https://youtu.be/Ih5WVHw3YTw.

  2. Combine all sweet and sour sauce ingredients ; water, cooking sake, apple cider vinegar, black rice vinegar, cane sugar, soy sauce and ketchup. Stir well until the sugar is dissolved. Leave it until you use..

  3. Cut green bell pepper and red bell pepper in half and get rid of the seeds. Cut them into bite-size pieces. Cut a onion into bite-size pieces. Put the green bell pepper in a bowl and red bell pepper and onion in the another bowl. Set aside..

  4. Combine all marinade ingredients, grated ginger, soy sauce, cooking sake, cane sugar, sesame oil. Set aside. Pat the pork dry with paper towel. Pare away excess fat from the pork..

  5. Cut the pork into thick slices. Poke holes into each slice with fork. Pound each slice lightly with the back of the knife..

  6. Cut the pork into bite-size chunks. Mix the pork with the marinade..

  7. Heat the oil for frying in a frying pan over medium high heat. Toss the pork in the potato starch to coat. Deep fry the pork over medium heat (170℃, 338F) for 4-5 mins until evenly browned or crisp. Drain excess oil..

  8. Deep fry the green bell pepper over medium heat for 30 sec. Deep fry red bell pepper and onion over medium heat for a min. Drain the oil on paper towels..

  9. Mix 1 Tbsp potato starch and 1 Tbsp water ; set aside. Pour the sweet and sour sauce in a large pot and heat it. When the sauce boils, stir the potato starch and water mixture until smooth. Turn off the heat and add the mixture to the sauce while stirring the sauce. Stir it well until smooth..

  10. Put the fried vegetables and pork in and mix roughly. Heat it over medium heat for 3 mins and bring to a boil while mixing the bottom sometimes to prevent scorching. Turn off the heat and add 1/2 Tbsp sesame oil and mix roughly (in the video of youtube, it completely slipped my mind). It's all done!.

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