Easiest Way to Make Appetizing Instant Pot Jambalaya

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Instant Pot Jambalaya
Instant Pot Jambalaya

{Great Early morning all, now you can make dish Instant Pot Jambalaya with 14 active ingredients and 4 steps. Listed below this is exactly how to prepare, please carefully meticulously.

In cooking there are some phases that have to be done, starting to prepare ingredients, cooking tools, and also understand just how to begin with beginning to food preparation {is all set to be served and also appreciated. {Make See to it you has sufficient time and also no is {assuming about something else, because will create the food to shed, taste not appropriate wanted, and several others. Promptly, listed below are 14 active ingredients and also 4 stages of simple cooking Instant Pot Jambalaya.

Ingredients all Instant Pot Jambalaya

  1. Needed 1 : yellow onion.

  2. Prepare 2 : green peppers.

  3. Prepare 1 Tablespoon : minced garlic.

  4. Prepare 2 tablespoons : olive oil.

  5. Needed 2 lbs : andouille sausage.

  6. Needed 1 : celery stalk.

  7. Prepare 14.5 oz : can fire roasted diced tomatoes.

  8. Prepare 14.5 oz : can tomato sauce.

  9. Needed 2 cups : chicken broth.

  10. Prepare 2 teaspoons : Worcestershire sauce.

  11. Needed 1 teaspoon : Cajun seasoning.

  12. Needed 1 teaspoon : Louisiana hot sauce.

  13. Needed 1/2 teaspoon : black pepper.

  14. Prepare 1/4 teaspoon : thyme.

If all active ingredients Instant Pot Jambalaya its prepares, We are {going into the cooking phase. Below is how to preparing with simple.

Step by Step Cooking Instant Pot Jambalaya

  1. In sauce pan fry onions, peppers, and celery using 1 Tablespoon oil until al dente..

  2. In Instant Pot fry sausage on Sauté using 1 tablespoon oil until brown..

  3. Mix all ingredients in Instant Pot and set to 5 minutes on high..

  4. Serve with long grain rice. I like making my rice with chicken broth instead of regular water..

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