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One gravy two curry
One gravy two curry

Excellent Greetings all, now you can make recipe One gravy two curry with 21 ingredients and 12 actions. Below this is just how to cook, please thoroughly meticulously.

In food preparation there are some phases that must be done, starting to prepare ingredients, cooking tools, as well as also comprehend how to begin from|begin with} starting to food preparation {is all set to be served as well as delighted in. Make Make certain you has adequate time as well as no is thinking regarding another thing, because will cause the food to burn, taste not ideal desired, and lots of others. Promptly, listed below are 21 ingredients as well as 12 phases of easy cooking One gravy two curry.

Ingredients for One gravy two curry

  1. Needed 3 : onion paste.

  2. Prepare 3-4 : garlic cloves.

  3. Needed 2 inches : Ginger.

  4. Needed : Few cashews.

  5. Prepare : Few almond optional.

  6. Prepare 1 : green chilli.

  7. Needed : Cardamom 2 to 3 crushed.

  8. Prepare 1 teaspoon : cumin seeds.

  9. Prepare 5 : tomato.

  10. Prepare 1 tablespoon : garam masala.

  11. Prepare 1 : and half tablespoon salt.

  12. Prepare 1 tablespoon : red chilli powder.

  13. Needed 1 teaspoon : turmeric.

  14. Prepare Half : teaspoon black pepper powder.

  15. Needed 1 tablespoon : kitchen king.

  16. Needed 1 tablespoon : coriander powder.

  17. Needed 1 tablespoon : cumin powder.

  18. Prepare 1 teaspoon : kasoori methi.

  19. Needed leaves : Few curry.

  20. Needed : Homemade cottage cheese diced and roasted on pan with butter.

  21. Prepare 1 cup : peas boiled.

If all ingredients One gravy two curry its prepares, We are going entering into the cooking phase. Below is exactly how to preparing with easy.

Stages Cooking One gravy two curry

  1. Blend smooth onion,ginger,garlic,almond,cashews.

  2. Roast cumin seeds and add blended onion mixture.

  3. Now cook this mixture at high flame and add oil after soaking water.

  4. Make it golden and add crushed cardamom and roast it.

  5. Now add tomatoes puree or paste and all the spices together.

  6. Now cook the masala at low flame and keep checking after 2 minutes.

  7. Now first separate the curry for shahi paneer masala.for this separately again 1 or 2 scoop of curry blend smooth.

  8. Now strain it two times for a creamy curry and add bit of warm milk.

  9. Now add roasted few pieces of paneer.yummy shaahi paneer is ready.

  10. For matar paneer add roasted cubes of paneer and peas with some amount of water in left masala.

  11. Do not add much water cuz it's already all set.water just for consistency with paneer and peas.now cook at low flame for 5 to 6 minutes only and keep covering for beautiful color.

  12. Let's enjoy one gravy two types of masala paneer.

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